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Covent opera glasses by Zhumell, make a great gift.Opera and Symphony Glasses

The movements are sweeping - but you need a better view of the rogue and his 17th Century pantaloons. Ah, that’s better. With Zhumell Covent opera and sympohony glasses, you'll see all the action from any seats in the theater. View the playbill under a gentle program light from the center of the glasses.

Madama Butterfly music box. Madame Butterfly plays Un Bel Di Vedremo.Madame Butterfly music box

Plays Un bel di vedremo. This commemorative musical jewelry box displays Butterfly gazing wistfully, thinking perhaps, of her beloved Captain Pinkerton. A simply gorgeous design. Hear a sample by visiting the music tune list on the OperaGifts.com site (see link below).

Classical composer socks, Beethoven. Mozart socks, Beethoven socks and more.Beethoven Cotton Socks!

We've got Mozart too! These socks are 80% cotton and 20% nylon. Beethoven's face is woven into the ankle, his name is on the foot. Unisex (slightly stretchy)... fit Men's and Women's shoe sizes 7 to 11. Sure to keep your toes tappin'.


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Rafal Olbinski opera posters

Gifts for classical music lovers.




Classical music lovers will find a wonderful selection of opera gifts, Mozart products, Beethoven gifts, and loads of CDs and DVDs. Also a great source for the Rafal Olbinski opera themed prints and posters and a selection of prints
of the great composers.




Gramophone parts and supplies. Vintage talking machines. Opera gifts.

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Gifts for Classical Music Lovers
Love classical music?
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