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Victrola vintage phonograph, repair and restoration.The term phonograph comes from the Greek words for 'sound' and for 'scripture' (or 'writing'). Thus a phonograph may be roughly translated as a 'sound writer'. The word 'gramophone' has a similar root meaning.

Any device used to record sound or reproduce recorded sound could be called a type of 'phonograph', but modern use of the word typically refers to a machine that plays a recording made by etching onto a disc. Typically a needle runs along the grooves previoiusly etched into the disk and the sound is amplified in some way.

Phonographs, in one form or another, have dominated the way we record and listen to sound (particularly voice and music) from 1870s all the way though the 1980s! they are still used today by collectors, classical music enthusiasts and opera lovers.

The most famous of early phonographs is the Victrola made by the Victor Talking Machine Company (1906 - 1929). Victrolas are acoustic phonographs with the amplifying horns 'built-in' to the cabinet that houses the turntable. Earlier phonographs used larger, external horns that made the player very bulky and obtrusive. The Victrola's sleek internal horn may have been the most significant factor in the popularity and staying power of the household phonogrpah... in many styles and brands thereafter.

Phonographs and gramophones, parts, supplies, restoration.RCA bought Victor in 1929 and the marketed many products as RCA-Victor. They even used the name Victrola liberally. These products were manufactured as late as the 1960's, but are not considered original Victrola products in the antique circles.

There were of course hundreds of other manufacutures of early phonographs; Edison, 'Sonora' and 'Columbia' to name a few.

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